Forest Bathing retreat at Nøsen Yoga og Fjellhotell 5-7 October 2018

Description Retreat

The Forest Bathing Retreat is our invitation to you to re-connect with your true self, nature and other human or non-human beings through guided immersion in the beautiful nature at the Norwegian Nøsen Yoga Retreat, a high-mountain lodge, surrounded by pristine lakes, meadows, waterfalls and forests. The program of the retreat is designed to help you opening your senses, getting naturally mindful, calm, connected, refreshed and renewed. Trained by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, the guides are trained to enhance sensory perception, facilitating connection with place, body, nature and the more-than-human world. They can help you to slow down, turn off the stream of habitual thinking and establish embodied contact with the present moment. They work in partnership with Nature and also have a function of a supportive witness, enabling participants to experience whatever the natural environment has to offer to them at the moment. The retreat is a real treat for anyone looking for more connection, focus, creativity and relaxation, boosting their immune system and improving their physical, mental and spiritual health at the same time.


Thursday 4th October 2018:         

Arrival and pickup arrangements

Dinner at 19.00

Friday 5th October 2018:

09.00-10.00                                    Breakfast

10.00-13.00                                    Guided Shinrin- Yoku walk

13.00-14.00                                    Lunch

15.00-18.00                                    Guided Shinrin- Yoku walk

19.00-20.00                                    Dinner

20.30-21.30                                    Storytelling in circle around fire

Saturday 6th October 2018:

09-10.00                                         Breakfast

10.00-13.00                                    Creative walk/vandring

13.00-14.00                                    Lunch

15.00-18.00                                    Medicine walk and sharing circle

19.00-20.00                                    Dinner

20.30-21.30                                    Barefoot evening Shinrin-Yoku walk

Sunday 7th Ocotber 2018:

09.00-10.00                                    Breakfast

10.00-12.00                                    Guided Shinrin-Yoku walk

13.00-                                              Lunch and departure

Costs & what is included

Total price per person: 3850,- NOK = 400,- EUR

Price is including:

  • A 3-day Forest Bathing Retreat (see schedule)
  • Accommodation in the beautiful Nøsen Yoga Retreat lodge for 3 nights (participant scan prolong their stay if they like) incl. linen and towels
  • Fresh (Ayurvedic) vegetarian meals from Thursday evening (diner) to Sunday noon (lunch), three meals a day
  • Coffee and tea throughout the day

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What to bring

Be sure to bring a daypack, water bottle, and sunscreen. Please bring a rain and wind jacket and some warm clothing. Comfortable shoes for walking on easy trails are needed.

The Guides:

svarthvitANFT Guide Silje Michaela Kvalheim.

Silje Michaela Kvalheim is a trained guide through the Ass.of Forest Therapy Guides and Programs in USA. Silje is an intuitive, forest loving and sense/sensual guide who lives for ”embodiment”, instinctual living and the connection and relation between humans and the ”non- human world” in her life, works as a guide and as an artist. She is a dancer, and also has alot of experience with embodiment work, yoga and various mindfullness practices.


ANFT guide Kat Novotna

Kat is a Forest Therapy guide trained by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. Her passion and element is to help people slow down, calm down and create an enjoyable and inspiring atmosphere in the group, so that people can connect to nature, their true self and others. In her guiding, she combines techniques of forest therapy with creativity of all kinds and melodic percussion playing a handpan-like Guda drum.

More info at our Reatreat site


«I felt light in my mind and in my body. I felt calm and positive about life, after the walk»

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